Shipping Policies at NC Betta & Fish

Please pay attention to YOUR weather

As fall and winter rolls around the corner, the temperatures may drop and make it a bad experience for everyone and worst for the fishes. Please consider adding a heat pack as you choose your shipping option. Heat packs are highly recommended if your temperatures fall below 60. Heat packs are not required or recommended for the summer or shipping areas with high temperatures.

Shipping Policy for 2-3 USPS Priority

When shipping with USPS 2-3 days priority mail, we have a limit of 4 bags that we can fit in a priority box. Each bag houses a single betta fish or 4-5 smaller “nano fish”. Please take note of how many fish we can fit into each bags when purchasing. If you are purchasing an amount that exceeds what we can fit into our USPS priority box, we may request additional funds. Please note that live arrival is not guaranteed with 2-3 days priority shipping!

Shipping time

We prefer to ship Monday through Wednesday to avoid hold up time and allow ample time for delayed packages. Please give us at least one(1) day before packaging and shipping out any products. The best time to order would be on the weekend as we can ship them out early Monday.